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Category: History Lessons

Brown and beige guinea pigs with greens

Good Guineas!

I love a good animal discovery. And while this one may not be a brand-new finding in the research world, it was news to me.

blue abstract painting

Feeling Blue?

I’m with you. But maybe this fun fact will help soothe your hurting heart a little bit. Worth a try, right?

Pair of white leather figure skates

Skating on Bones

Ice skating dates back way farther than I ever thought. But what were the very first skates made of? No, it’s not dino bones (I wish).

Crown on green background

Queen of Cars

What do I love more than a woman in power? A badass woman in power who likes to break the rules. Read on to learn more.

Pink alarm clock on pink background

Time to Wake Up!

While researching job trends for a project I’m working on, I came across some fascinating—and funny—stuff. Like what?