Feeling Blue?

blue abstract painting
blue abstract painting
I’m with you.

The world is wild. And I mean this in both a good and bad way. But right now? During this pandemic? I would say it feels more bad. Like, really bad.

And when I say this, I am sincerely talking about the way it feels. Mentally and emotionally. I’m not referring to physical health, scary statistics, or the reality of the situation. I simply mean how it feels in my brain, body, heart, guts, and soul. And maybe in yours, too. It hurts.

So in an effort to soothe the hurt and stop it from spreading—because emotions are contagious, too, my friends—I am going to try to focus some of my energy on this blog (and a few other creative endeavours while I’m at it).

First up? Starting simple with something I just learned today on St. Patrick’s Day.

You know how everyone dresses in green and drinks (gross) green beer?

green beer in mugs
Uh… cheers?

Well, it turns out that we should maybe dress in blue and drink blue beer instead. Huh.

According to historians, the Ireland’s patron saint, Patrick, was originally represented by the colour blue. The earliest depictions show him in blue robes—not green. And the colour blue has a pretty significant place throughout Irish mythology.

So why does everyone “go green” on St. Patrick’s Day? It began during the 1798 Irish Rebellion when the clover became a symbol of nationalism. And from there it, well, spread.

There’s a lot more to the story, of course.

However, this is all my weary little brain can muster up to write about and share at the moment.

But it’s a start.

Happy(ish) St. Patrick’s Day!


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