All the Pretty Flowers

pink and white dahlia
pink and white dahlia
What can I say? Pretty flowers make me happy.

It’s been a day. So I just wanted to take a little break to look at pretty things—and then maybe learn a little something new about one of those pretty things.

So, that pink and white flower up there? It’s a dahlia. There are thousands of different types of them, ranging in colour, shape, and size. Some can even grow to be as big as my head (and probably yours, too). And they are said to represent inner strength and creativity. Beautiful and strong. I like it.

Now, dahlias may be my favourite flower. But I actually don’t know that much about them. So in my quest to learn something new, I found out that dahlias come in almost every colour imaginable—except blue.

Some people out there are still trying to breed a true blue variety. But so far, no such luck.

That’s okay, you guys. My favourite dahlias are the pink and white ones anyway.


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