Curiouser and Curiouser

Adult woman behind books
Adult woman behind books
Give me all the books and knowledge.

I’m a curious person. I love to learn new things. And I make it a point to try to learn at least one new thing every day.

One day last week, for example, I learned that there are microscopic amounts of gold in my body. In yours, too, by the way.

Yesterday I found out that Babe Ruth hit his first professional home run here in Toronto (or so they say). Huh.

And today I learned that sperm whales have the biggest brain of any animal on the planet. It weighs about 8 kg (18 lb.)—five times the size of a human’s!

Brain Vector Illustration Icon
Who’s the big-brained one now?

I seriously didn’t know this until now. Which is kind of weird since I love animals and have worked in the children’s media and publishing industry for almost 15 years, researching and writing about facts just like this one. But, there it is. You can’t know everything and there’s always more stuff to learn.

So, I want to start keeping track of this stuff. And also, share it with you!

Some of the things I learn and share may not be that major or groundbreaking. They may even be kind of embarrassing (like, you didn’t know that ALREADY?). But maybe some of the things I share will be things that you didn’t know, either. And then you get to learn something new, too. Fun, right?

I say let’s give it a try and see!

The thing is, learning sometimes gets a bad rap. It often starts when we’re kids in school. UGH. Why do I have to LEARN that?

And then as an adult in the workplace. Are you kidding me, people? ANOTHER new printer I have to learn how to use?

But learning is a really wonderful thing. I don’t think it deserves the dorky reputation it has.

After all, curiosity and exploration are the things that make the world go round.

(Yes, yes. Money and power as well. But that’s for another blog—one that I will NOT be writing.)

Again, the things I share here are not necessarily things that will make a major difference in the world. And that’s okay! I’m sharing simply to show that I’m just an average adult trying my best to keep inspiring my own curious nature—and maybe in the process it will spark curiosity in others as well.

Who knows? I’m just excited to keep learning new things.


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